If you are an 艺术家 looking to participate in 真钱斗牛棋牌游戏 in the future, find the attached application 在这里

电子邮件 any questions or concerns to pdawson@www.roverp6baustralia.com

The arts come alive at 真钱斗牛棋牌游戏’s newest event series—真钱斗牛棋牌游戏!  In the safe and walkable environment of the Germantown Avenue commercial district, visitors can explore the works of dozens of visiting regional 艺术家s—from highly sought-after professionals to emerging talents—and view the newest exhibitions at 真钱斗牛棋牌游戏’s own art galleries.  有现场音乐, shop and restaurant specials, and family-friendly activities, 真钱斗牛棋牌游戏 give serious art enthusiasts and casual spectators alike plenty of reasons to spend a day in 真钱斗牛棋牌游戏.

Dates:             11月13日, 2021

Time:               12:00pm to 6:00pm

Location:         7600 to 8600 blocks of Germantown Avenue, 费城,宾夕法尼亚州19118

真钱斗牛棋牌游戏 Business Association Member 艺术 Galleries, Framing, and 艺术 Supplies: 

  • Borrelli’s 真钱斗牛棋牌游戏 Gallery & 帧店:
    • “Signs of Life” – New Paintings from Philadelphia legend and PAFA superstar, 印象派菲尔·科恩, 97 years young and still painting!  Visit Borrelli’s on Saturdays 11 – 4 to take a good look at these slice of life gems. Or call for a private appointment during the week.


布鲁斯•麦特卡尔夫- 条件的点缀
Internationally exhibited, Metcalf has been a leading figure in the Studio 艺术 Jewelry movement for more than 4 decades. 一个有影响力的老师, 艺术家, 作家, 和批判性思想家, Metcalf has pushed the boundaries of art jewelry. This exhibition brings into question how design, more specifically studio art jewelry, has evolved in recent years, to a place w在这里 beauty is no longer valued carrying a negative association.  The 11月13日 Second Saturday will feature a casual conversation with Bruce Metcalf from 3-6pm.

On view in the mezzanine gallery. A master of the art of embroidery, Karin is known for her modern approach to a classically traditional art form. Long associated with parlor art, Birch applies her mesmerizing array of unique stitching, 斑点状阴影字符串的颜色, and bead embellishments onto raw linen painted and printed with fragment shapes, 的记忆, 经常忧郁,  yet electrified with bursts of brilliant colors, 反光的创作, and glimmering glass seed beads. Her compositions are sublime and poetic; abstract yet narrative, 唤起人们, 的地方, time, 和记忆.


Guest 艺术家s exhibiting works for sale on the Avenue include:

  • 琼的政党
  • 内特Hirshbock
  • 丽贝卡·简·霍恩
  • 艾米的丈夫
  • 乔安妮大炮
  • 林恩Seeney
  • 夏娃霍伊特
  • 罗伯特•摩尔
  • 汤姆·康威
  • 本•布朗
  • 艾米的丈夫
  • 雷切尔·洛根
  • 凡妮莎杰
  • 艾丽卡理查兹


    • 伊芙·霍伊特《真钱斗牛棋牌游戏》(www.eveningneon.com)
    • 雷切尔•洛根Mothic9 www.mothic9studio.com
    • 汤姆·康威
    • 本•布朗
    • 艾米的丈夫
    • 玛德琳史密斯激怒
    • 迪亚兹梅茨
  • 艺术 & Craft Group Show curated by 艾丽卡理查兹
  • 迷你博物馆 (8225 Germantown Ave, 费城,宾夕法尼亚州19118) Come see the newest MINI Museum exhibit at 8225 Germantown Ave and join the Education Department in creating miniature artworks that will be added to the museums permanent collection. 艺术家s of all ages and backgrounds are welcome! 欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.minimuseumphilly.com

孩子们 & 家庭活动

  • 基于“增大化现实”技术研讨会 (8607 Germantown Avenue) is excited to offer a hands-on outdoor DIY Workshop experience, w在这里 you can create wood signs, 帆布的枕头, 墙绞刑, 框架的迹象, 木头盒子, 懒惰的转盘和更多!

娱乐 Live music on the Avenue |

  • 玛丽罗斯 日耳曼敦大街8419号, 玛丽罗斯 is a Singer/Song作家/Educator/Radio Host who performs music from a wide and broad spectrum. Venues have included large festivals to intimate cafes. She has provided seasonal music with her Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer for 真钱斗牛棋牌游戏 2018 Holiday House Tour as well as The Philadelphia Flower Show, Fonthill Castle and many additional venues. She has taught the non credit course “How to Play the Mountain Dulcimer” at Montgomery County Community College in Bluebell, Pa

  • 费城的随意神奇 mixes up a musical brew of original rock n roll, parlor 流行, and country noir. The band features song作家 Josh McIlvain on guitar and vocals with Nikitas Menotiades on stand up drums (with an old suitcase for the bass drum) and backing vocals. Together they add theatricality and humor to their bare-bones brand of music making. Listen to their 2021 debut album on Spotify at 高电压发热梦.

  • 玩它向前 日耳曼敦大街8235号, PLAY IT FORWARD is a dynamic music group created by Dave Cohen and Anne-Marie Forde. They perform an eclectic set list of rock, 流行, 民间, 凯尔特, blues and much more from the ‘60s through today. We are a charismatic group that takes its cues from the crowd. 玩它向前 engages the audience and holds their interest.

更多本会会员活动 & 特色菜:

食物 & 喝| Bring your appetite and sample 真钱斗牛棋牌游戏’s delicious dining scene!  选项包括: